The Future of Coronavirus (COVID-19)

The spread of the Coronavirus disease (COVID-19) has drastically impacted the lives of individuals across the globe. Mandatory social distancing across the globe with an estimated 52% of the world on government mandated lockdown, the dynamics of our lives as we knew them before COVID-19 will forever be altered. To address the current needs, many companies and schools have shifted to virtual workplace and classroom environments respectively, and are utilizing software such as Zoom, Skype and Blue Jeans in place of traditional face-to-face interactions.

Innovations Become Part of Our Lives

One of the most notable changes in our daily lives has been the increase of internet-based technologies that weren’t so pivotal only a few weeks ago. During the week of March 20, Microsoft Teams alone saw an almost 40% increase in its active daily users, adding over a million users and several companies across the globe. Microsoft also reported an over 200% increase in skype-to-skype calls over the same period of time. With an estimated 67% of the work-from-home workforce in the United States, the use of social applications or chat applications for communication purposes has proven vital to the success of many business. Many of the companies employing these workers have shown interest in maintaining at least a portion of their workforce in work-from-home positions after social distancing orders are lifted. In addition to workplace changes, the everyday activities such as grocery shopping, going to the gym, postal services, and governmental processes have recorded dramatic increases in interactions with their online counterparts. For example, several gyms have started offering free online classes in order to engage with their members. Many individuals are using these online services for the first time and, with their newfound exposure to them, will continue to do so and will further integrate these solutions into their lives permanently.

The Aftermath of Coronavirus

It is now widely accepted that even after COVID-19 has been contained, it could continue to exist among the human race and its impact could be felt for generations to come. Social behavior will likely be irreversibly modified by the stigma surrounding the COVID-19, causing more people to consider things like social distancing and work from home as a staple in preventing a similar situation in the future. The lessons learned in businesses, healthcare, and personal life as a result of COVID-19 will not disappear as the number of infected cases diminishes, rather they will impact every aspect of our day to day lives. This could result in the extinction of the former ways of doing things that were considered standard, such as grocery shopping and traveling, only a few short months ago, and bring to life new methods, processes, and inventions that will be considered standard in the future years to come.

Experienced Patent Attorneys

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