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The Plus IP Firm concentrates its practice exclusively on intellectual property matters,
with particular emphasis on patents, trademarks, and copyrights.



A trademark or service mark is a word, phrase, design or any combination thereof, that allows consumers …

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A patent is a legal document that allows the owner of the patent to exclude others from exploiting a patented invention …

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We recognize the value of copyrights in encouraging creativity in artistic expression. We handle matters relating to …

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Success Stories

Success Stories

The PLUS IP team of attorneys are great to work with. Patents and Trademarks…

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We've helped these successful inventors and we can help you, too.

Now that the U.S. has become a first-to-file country, waiting too long to submit your application can mean a missed opportunity to patent your idea. Commercial success requires quick action, yet rushing to file without understanding what makes an application successful is also a risk. You need a legal team that understands exactly how the U.S. Patent Office works and the laws governing intellectual property so you can not only secure your rights, but protect and keep them if and when a dispute arises.

Meet Alina from Peace Love World

How The Plus IP Firm secured trademark registrations for their
most important trademarks.

Alina understood that the value of the world-renowned Peace Love World brand rests in its intellectual property. The Plus IP Firm succeeded in protecting Peace Love World’s most important assets: their trademarks, their designs and their trade dress. Having this protection in place allows Peace Love World to safely conduct business in the U.S. and all over the world.

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The Plus IP Firm’s mission is to provide clients high quality legal services with friendly customer service. Our attitude is reflected in our work, our successes and our clients’ successes.


Mark Terry, Esquire


Derek Fahey, Esquire


Don't miss out on an opportunity.

The attorneys at the Plus IP Firm have obtained over a
thousand patents and trademarks for its clients.

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Client Testimonials

I cannot thank Derek Fahey and the entire Plus Firm team for such a wonderfully easy and thorough process in getting us our Nickel Trademark. Seriously, thank you!!!

Blair Adams

Derek was extremely responsive and knowledgeable to process our request for a patent on our clean water technology. It is a joy working with The Plus IP firm where we bring in the technology and have Derek to redirect the text into the optimal format for results. And thanks to…

Koos Baas

Intelligent, quick moving team who's puts the client first. My experience with them while working on a non-provisional patent was seamless, intuitive, and educational as I have limited experience in the arena. Highly recommend.

Shea Tighe

Excellent service, we have used their services a couple times and would do so again.

Alfredo Alvarado

The Plus IP Firm put all of their time and effort and soul into helping me register my comic company Anime Resurrection. It was a rough journey to get Anime Resurrection registered. They we're very professional and answered all of my questions and never beat around the bush. Unlike another…

Leon Clarke Jr

Knowledge + IP = Profits

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