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Get value-building legal services from time-tested patent and trademark attorneys, including a Board Certified Specialist with a technology background and a bottom-line focus. We are Miami-based patent attorneys concentrating on protecting your ideas and creations using patents, trademark and copyrights. We can add value to your business and we can get results.

If you need patent protection, we can prepare high quality patent applications at an affordable rate, prosecute your applications before the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office and get you closer to your goal of obtaining an issued U.S. Patent.

If you need trademark protection, we can prepare and prosecute your trademark application at the Trademark Office in record time and move you towards a federal trademark registration.

If someone is infringing on your patent rights, your trademark rights or your copyrights, we can assert your intellectual property rights and enforce them in state and federal courts of law.

If you are involved in a domain name dispute, we can evaluate the case, provide you with valuable insight into the domain name issues at play and either assert your rights or defend you against such a claim.

Whatever your needs, you are best served by someone who deals directly and personally with you and has a laser-like focus on the areas of patents, trademarks and copyrights.


Intellectual property law firms like to tout their ability to understand your technology or “get up to speed.” As former professional engineers with over 10 years combined experience building and maintaining systems, we are already “up to speed.” We understand how software and web-based businesses develop intellectual property and operate their business. Our approach is informed by an overall understanding of how technology is developed and how patent and trademark laws can best be used to achieve a competitive advantage in the market. Go ahead and speak “geek” to us.

You’ll often hear patent law firms say they “know their way around” the U.S. Patent Office. Mark Terry’s former office was the Patent Office. As a former software engineer and former U.S. Patent Examiner that examined hundreds of patent applications, Mark Terry graduated from U.S. Patent Academy and worked in opposition to patent attorneys just like us. Now that Mr. Terry is on the other side, we have a unique insight into the workings of the Patent Office, which helps when we prosecute our clients’ patent applications. And yes, we “know my way around” the U.S. Patent Office rather well.

In 2007, Mr. Terry was in the first group of Florida Bar lawyers to be afforded Board Certified status in the area of Intellectual Property Law. Board certification is the highest level of recognition offered by the Florida Bar in certain areas of law. As a Board Certified Specialist, Mr. Terry is uniquely suited to provide you with counseling on patent law, trademark law and copyright law. Mr. Terry also served as a member of the Florida Bar Intellectual Property Certification Committee, which is the body charged with vetting applicants for board certification, as well as preparing the exam taken by its applicants.


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The Plus IP Firm assists clients in Miami, Florida and nationally regarding their intellectual property matters. The Plus IP Firm offers intellectual property services, focusing on copyright, trademark, trade secret and patent preparation and prosecution, trademark transactions, patent transactions, copyright transactions, litigation and internet law. Our team of professionals has years of experience, the skills and technical backgrounds to handle a wide variety of IP matters. Our clients include individuals, small and large businesses from almost every area of the consumer product, science, and technology industries that need to protect their intellectual property. In addition to our legal expertise, all of our patent attorneys possess degrees in science or engineering. This experience allows us to understand the technology, products and services offered by our clients. Intellectual property is often a business’s most valuable asset and protecting that intellectual property may be complex. Our lawyers in South Florida work closely with each client to implement an individually-tailored strategy that is compatible with the client’s overall objectives, goals and budget. We offer flexible and creative billing arrangements, including flat fee billing for transactional matters. We are looking to develop long term relationships with clients. We take pride in offering clients sound advice on the legal risks that certain business decisions may pose and providing clients with cost-effective, business-driven and result-oriented solutions. Contact us today!


Does your concept, idea or invention need protection? Should you protect your concept with a copyright, trademark, trade secret or patent? Our patent and trademark attorneys will assist you in determining what type of intellectual property protection is most suitable for your objectives and goals. We prepare high quality patent and trademark applications and do so at an affordable fee. Our office handles all types of patent prosecution before the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) and enforces our clients’ patent rights through litigation and other means. Our services will help your business achieve its goal of obtaining a U.S. Patent. Our Miami trademark attorneys are prepared to file or prosecute your trademark application. Our firm focuses on intellectual property. Therefore, we are able to service your business’s needs efficiently and effectively so that the USPTO will award a federal trademark registration to you in a timely manner. The attorneys at our firm also litigate intellectual property matters. Our Miami lawyers are prepared to assert and enforce our clients’ intellectual property rights in state and federal courts when people or businesses, either knowingly or unknowingly, infringe on copyrights, trademark or patent rights. While litigation is many times a last resort, it may be necessary to protect a business’s intellectual property to maintain the competitive advantage that intellectual property provides.

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