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Television shows like The Practice, Law & Order, How to Get Away with Murder, and countless more have put legal disputes in the minds of people all over the country since their inception. While these shows can be quite entertaining, they often don’t accurately represent the nature and purpose of legal disputes. With regards to legal disputes arising with a basis in intellectual property law, as is the case with trademarks or patents, the shows are often silent as to how these disputes come to fruition and why they are important.

Legal disputes regarding intellectual property can come about in many ways and, at times, can be extremely important in the protection of intellectual property rights. Infringement of intellectual property rights can take a variety of forms, including piracy, cybersquatting, false designation of origin, dilution, misuse, etc. In handling such issues, legal disputes serve an extremely important purpose in the area of the intellectual property law and are often the best route to take for redress in certain situations. When intellectual property rights have been infringed upon, legal disputes are often the best way to guarantee that an infringer ceases any engagement in infringing activity and, in some cases, compensates for any losses or injury that arose or may arise as the result of said infringement. This remedial process can be pivotal for businesses that rely on their intellectual property, such as trademarks or patents, to perpetuate the success of their businesses and maintain their standing in the market. These disputes can also act as a form of notification for other potential infringers, informing them that the IP rights owner is actively and diligently policing the use of their intellectual property.

For at least the reasons discussed above, a legal dispute can act as an indispensable tool that protects intellectual property rights and promotes the health and success of a product or business. As such, it is extremely important to have a competent and experienced team handle such disputes. Given the nature of our work at The Plus IP Firm, our team of attorneys is equipped with the special skills and knowledge necessary to effectively advocate for your intellectual property rights in any legal dispute you may want to engage in or may find yourself in. Before initiating or responding to communications in a legal dispute, contact our offices to speak with a skilled attorney who can help you reach the desired outcome. Call us at 786-443-7720 or visit us on our website to set up a free consultation now.

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