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UI (User Interface) Design Patents

UI (User Interface) Design Patents

A graphical user interface is a visual form of interaction with a computer.

With the explosion of software development in the early 1990s, and with the increasing variety of software that is continually developed, there has been a high rate of innovation in the user interface space. Developers are constantly pushing the boundary of graphical user interface design.

As graphical user interfaces are considered ornamental or aesthetic by the U.S. Patent Office, they are considered patentable subject matter. Every week, the U.S. Patent Office issues hundreds, if not thousands, of graphical user interface related design patents.

As a 25-year software developer himself, patent attorney Mark Terry ( has many years of experience with graphical user interfaces of all types, and involving various technologies such as video games and word processing. See, for example, this graphical user interface patent that attorney Mark Terry obtained for one of his clients, IPEG Corp, in Naples, FL. (

When one considers the large time and money investment made in the development of graphical user interfaces, it is key that you seek advice from an intellectual property who has experience with graphical user interfaces, and who knows the difference between a widget and a radio button. Contact patent attorney Mark Terry ( for a free consultation regarding your graphical user interface.

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