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The road to patent issuance can be long and tough, but with the right assistance this process can be made much quicker and less stressful. Our diverse team of attorneys at The Plus IP Firm has extensive experience in both prosecuting patents and examining patent applications as an Examiner with the USPTO. With over numerous patents issued and over a decade experience, we take pride in our expertise in this space and our resulting ability to provide meaningful guidance and assistance from start to finish.

Many inventors reach out to firms like ours to discern the purpose of filing a patent application. While the number of responses to such an inquiry are nearly limitless, there are a few major points that are important to understand when deciding whether or not this is the right path:

  1. In order to obtain a patent, a non-provisional patent application must be filed. That is, no patent rights are granted to any invention for which a patent application has not been filed with and examined by the USPTO. A provisional patent application may be filed to demonstrate an intent to later file a non-provisional application.
  2. If an application is filed and a patent granted, the owner of the patent is conferred the legal right to territory-wide exclusivity to the make, sell, offer for sale, use, and import the patented invention for the term of the patent (20 years from filing date).
  3. The exclusivity granted by a patent can reduce the impact of both potential and existing competitors, increase the marketability of the patented invention, and increase return on investment as well as profitability.
  4. The filing of an application provides a marker, called the filing date, which can be used to prevent other substantially similar inventions from obtaining a patent even while the application remains pending.
  5. Intellectual Property can be some of the most valuable assets for a business or individual and as such, it is important to protect intellectual property assets from infringement or misappropriation to the greatest extent possible.

While the considerations given above are some of the most important, the list is not exhaustive. Once you’re ready to have your invention protected, reach out to us at The Plus IP Firm to be confident that the future of your invention is in experienced hands. We will explain each step of the process to you and ensure that you remain informed and satisfied each step of the way. Call us at 786-443-7720 or visit us on our website to set up a free consultation now.

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