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Blockchain Technology

Blockchain Technology

Blockchain is a system that keeps record of transactions made in cryptocurrency across several computers.

With the advent of distributed computing in the early 2000s, and with the increased desire for virtual currency alternatives in a medium for exchange, the use of containers to implement and deploy said software has increased in popularity.

Additionally, container programming has become so important to large deployment software and container programming is so new in the software world, that there is a shortage of container programmers. This has led to containers programmer being highly sought after, and to uncharacteristically large salaries being paid to container programmers.

As blockchain technology is considered software by the U.S. Patent Office, blockchain technology is considered patentable subject matter. Every week, the U.S. Patent Office issues hundreds of blockchain technology related utility patents.

As a 25-year software developer, patent attorney Mark Terry ( has many years of experience with blockchain technology of all forms, ranging from Bitcoin to smart contracts. See, for example, this blockchain technology based software patent: (

Considering the large investment of time and money that is made in the development of blockchain software, it is important that you seek advice from an intellectual property who has experience with blockchain software, and who knows the difference between a private key and RSA encryption. Contact patent attorney Mark Terry (  for a free consultation regarding your blockchain technology application.

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