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A well-written licensing agreement can make a big difference to a business. There are various advantages to licensing a product, technology or a trademark. A business licensing a product can retain control over the product, including how and when the licensee uses the product. For example, the business licensing the product can specify how many parties can use the product and the payments that must be made for every use. Further, a license for a product typically has a set term wherein the product reverts back to the licensor when the term runs out. This is beneficial for many companies that desire to be dynamic and have the freedom to change vendors and business partners periodically. Likewise, a business licensing a trademark can retain control over the quality of the products sold under the trademark.

I have vast experience in drafting and negotiating well-written licensing agreements that protect the intellectual property being licensed and allows for greater revenue. I am adept at working with my clients to develop strategies for exploiting their technologies and for navigating the myriad legal and technological issues that arise in drafting and negotiating licensing agreements involving technology transfer.

As a Board Certified Specialist in the area of Intellectual Property Law, I can assist you with your intellectual property licensing needs.

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