We believe that inventors are the most important people in the world, because inventors change the world. The Plus IP Firm was founded on the principles of making the world a better place by helping inventors take their dreams and convert them into reality. Based on our proven method and experience, we make sure that inventors are credited for– and benefit from – their unique inventions and ideas. Throughout the years, we’ve helped secure and defend the intellectual property for sole inventors, mid-size companies and large corporations. The Plus IP firm is committed to protecting your ideas so that you can go to market faster and make profit.


At The Plus IP Firm, we’re not just attorneys, we are inventors. Our personal experience as engineers helped us obtain patents, trademarks, and copyrights for our own ideas and inventions. In addition, we’ve worked in both industrial and manufacturing firms, and have helped build and grow companies from the inside out. Our prior experience provides us inside knowledge of the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office and gives us the upper hand in supporting small inventors and businesses in ways other intellectual property attorneys can’t.




Before I was a founding partner of the Plus IP Firm, I worked as a Patent Examiner with the U.S. Patent Office. There, I examined software and database-related inventions submitted by individual inventors and large corporations, such as IBM, and decided whether they were patentable. I graduated from The Patent Academy at the U.S. Patent Office and progressed to handle a large caseload of patent applications in a wide variety of technical fields including computer software, hardware, memory caching, data processing and stochastic algorithms.

I was in the first class of attorneys Board Certified in Intellectual Property Law in 2007 and served for over 6 years on the certification committee, which wrote the certification exam and vetted applicants for board certification.

Now I bring the same first-hand experience to my clients, sharing my understanding of what types of inventions are accepted by the U.S. Patent Office and how to present the invention to increase the chances of success. When my clients encounter resistance at the U.S. Patent Office, I navigate the processes of my previous workplace to obtain our final goal.

In addition to being a patent attorney and a board-certified specialist, I’ve studied astronomy at the University of Michigan, earned a Bachelor of Science Degree in Physics and Mathematics, and participated in particle physics research at Stanford University.

I’ve also spent time working in the private sector developing computer code as a professional software engineer for Trident Systems in northern Virginia.

In fact, I’m still writing software to this day in a variety of platforms including single board computers, microchips and systems on chip.

In addition to writing code, I also regularly contribute articles to the acclaimed patent website Florida Patent Lawyer blog.



I am an engineer and a patent attorney. I truly love what I do. I am a naturally inquisitive person, I love understanding how things work and how I can make them better. I enjoy being involved with the creative process – and I consider myself very fortunate that as a patent attorney I can help people profit from their ideas, concepts and innovations. My clients inspire me, which compels me to help them so that they can improve the lives of others.

I graduated from Florida State University, magna cum laude, with a Bachelor of Science in Industrial Engineering. Before attending law school to study patent law, I worked as an engineer for several years. I use my engineering experiences to help protect my clients’ inventions on a daily basis.

While I was a practicing engineer I gained experience as an Industrial Engineer at Boston Scientific, a medical device company, helping develop coronary stents. I was also fortunate enough to work as a Senior Field Engineer with Schlumberger, a global energy services company. While at Schlumberger I worked in different countries all over the world, including Algeria, Canada, France and the United States. As a Senior Field Engineer with Schlumberger, I worked with and troubleshot sophisticated electronic equipment and software programs in very remote areas, including the Sahara Desert.

After leaving Schlumberger, I worked for NextEra Energy, formally Florida Power and Light. At NextEra Energy, I designed electrical infrastructure and facilities for various locations. My engineering experience helps me understand my clients complex mechanical, electrical and software-related inventions.

Allow me to use my experience as an engineer and training as a patent attorney to help you achieve your goals.