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Why Your Ideas + IP = Success

Why Choose Plus IP

The Plus IP Firm is here to take your dream ideas and bring them to Life.

We’re not just attorneys, we’re inventors. We know the thrill, excitement, and anxieties that come with an idea that will change the world.

By combining our personal experiences with an inside understanding of the U.S. Patent Office, we deliver unmatched service, guidance, and success to every client.


1. Education

Our collective scholastic and professional background in software and mechanical engineering sets us apart from other attorneys who practice in the IP space, we’ve been invested in the process for ourselves.

We fully understand how to transform inventions and ideas and turn them into profit quickly and efficiently to give you peace of mind.


2. Experience

Having worked in various parts of the technology sector as well as the U.S. Patent Office, we have a first-hand understanding of the process and can make better recommendations based on our insight on what gets approved and what doesn’t.

Our clients have consistently given us exemplary reviews of our superior service, guidance, and talent.


3. Expertise

Whether you are looking to attain a patent, renew a trademark claim, or to sort out an intellectual property violation, we’ll help you pursue a successful outcome.

Whether you are an individual inventor or a large corporation, we understand the bottlenecks that could arise and ensure you’re prepared ahead of time so you can secure your rights and get your products into the market faster.


4. Execution

We provide our honest guidance and advice so you can make confident decisions as quickly as possible when you are securing or protecting your intellectual property.

While not every patent, copyright, or trademark is bound to perform the same as another, we have had clients become phenomenally successful with the intellectual property we helped them secure.

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