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APIs (Application Programming Interfaces)

APIs (Application Programming Interfaces)

An application programming interface allows a product or service to interface with another application while abstracting how the product or service is implemented. This makes the product or service significantly more useful as other developers can build their own applications using bits or pieces of the original application, much like open-source software. Building upon previous inventions expands the capability for all of society to automate tasks more efficiently and quickly, making Application Programming Interfaces valuable not only to developers, but to everyone.

Application Programming Interfaces are important to the developer seeking to expand the toolset currently at their disposal for automating processes. Without the proper legal protections, anyone can exploit another’s invention for their own selfish gains, leaving you without bearing the fruits of your labor. As a 25 year software developer himself, Attorney Mark Terry ( understands the time and effort that goes into developing an Application Programming Interface, and possesses significant experience obtaining patents for such inventions. An example of a patent for an Application Programming Interface includes the Application Programming Interface for Gesture Operations granted to Apple by the USPTO (, which is a fundamental patent for the protection of the popular iPhone.

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