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Jacqueline Nelson is a Paralegal at The Plus IP Firm, with an emphasis on trademarks. She has dedicated the past twelve and a half years to overseeing IP portfolios of over 250 clients, including several Fortune 500 companies. Relying upon her extremely detail-oriented nature, she assists clients of The Plus IP Firm with all aspects of trademark prosecution, including initial consultations, due diligence reviews, drafting identifications of goods and/or services, document composition and preparation, filings with the USPTO, and post registration maintenance. Her goal is to promote the company’s core value of providing outstanding customer service with her friendly disposition, love of communication and generally chatty self.

Jacqueline is a “valley girl,” originally from California, where she developed a love of fashion, dining out and mountaintop yoga. She has a fun sense of humor and fun-loving personality. 

She relocated to Florida in July of 2020, to be closer to family, who are all transplanted New Yorkers.  She earned a Bachelor of Arts degree in Psychology from California State University of Long Beach. To help fund her college education and shoe shopping habits, she unintentionally began her career in IP law. She came to realize that IP was more than words and inventions as previously thought, but rather a culmination of creativity, ingenuity and a desire to make a mark on the world. She soon developed a passion for researching and embracing the ideas of others, marveling at the cleverness of the human spirit. A passion that is fully embraced by the ideals of The Plus IP Firm, as a company that values individuality and bringing innovative concepts into fruition.

In her spare time in California, Jacqueline offset her work week of portfolio management and infringement litigation by volunteering with an animal rescue, for which she assisted in the adoption of countless pups liberated from high-kill shelters of Los Angeles County (#adoptdontshop). She also has found homes for stray cats, lab mice (rescued from her biology class), and even a hairless guinea pig. She now looks forward to discovering new friends, as well as pursuing pet and wildlife rescue ventures in the state of Florida.

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