A trademark or is a distinctive design or logo used by an individual, business or other legal entity to distinctively identify the unique source of the products or services to the consuming public. An official trademark registration confers a bundle of exclusive trademark rights upon the registered owner, including the right to exclusive use of the trademark in relation to the products or services defined in the registration.

Band-Aid adhesive bandages and Xerox copiers are examples of extremely valuable brands that consumers know so well they are literally household names. There’s no question well established brands have value that must be safeguarded. But protecting the name of a new company, product, or service – and preserving the opportunity to establish its identity in the marketplace – is just as important. As a Board Certified Specialist, I can help you build and protect the value of your marks with robust trademark protection.

I can find out if someone is already using a name you think would be perfect for your company or product, before you invest the time and money to make it known. Or if someone is trying to use a name in which you’ve invested time and money to establish in the marketplace. I can further assist you with trademark infringement disputes of all types.

Additionally, I provide representation of plaintiffs or defendants involved in domain name disputes. If you have received an ICANN domain name dispute complaint or UDRP complaint from WIPO or NAF, I can help you defend yourself against such a complaint. Conversely, if you believe someone is copying your domain name or trademark by using a confusingly similar mark, I can represent you in preparing and prosecuting an ICANN domain name dispute complaint or UDRP complaint with WIPO or NAF.

If you need trademark protection, I can prepare and prosecute your trademark application at the Trademark Office in record time and move you towards a federal trademark registration. I have extensive experience prosecuting trademark registrations. As a former Examiner with the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office, I know how trademarks are examined and issued and can advise my clients to utilize marks that are likely to obtain a federal trademark registration. I am further a Board Certified Specialist in Intellectual Property Law and currently serve on the Intellectual Property Law Certification Committee of the Florida Bar, charged with vetting applicants for Board Certification and preparing the Board Certification exam for Intellectual Property Law.

Please see some sample trademark registrations our clients have received:

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